Reiki Healing

Connect with your spiritual and emotional self and find balance in mind, body and spirit through Reiki and spiritual healing sessions. Reiki is a wonderful relaxing and soothing form of hands on spiritual healing which promotes a sense of balance and restores our natural energy levels. 

Reiki healing is a wonderful relaxing hands on healing therapy for men and women. This healing therapy helps promote your natural healing process and restores physical, mental and emotional balance. Sessions encourages the individual to let go of tension, fear, anxiety and any negative feelings so that they feel calm and rejuvenated after each session. Orlagh who is also a qualified Counsellor helps many clients to work through mental and emotional problems using healing and emotional support. Reiki shifts and moves energy in the body and is understood to restore the bodies natural healing ability. Reiki means universal life force energy in Japanese, it is an ancient form of gentle hands on healing that has been practiced for thousands of years. Energy healing is a relaxing healing therapy which can have a range of effects on individuals. A course of healing sessions and regular healing can help to deepen the therapeutic effects of Reiki. Spiritual healing and awareness helps you to connect with your spiritual self, focus on your own life path and innate personal strengths.

The Benefits of Reiki & Healing:

  • Promotes relaxation and helps to reduce stress
  • Provides a safe space to talk about problems, worries and concerns
  • Balances the mind, body and spirit
  • Offers relief from emotional distress, tension and anxiety
  • Helps to relieve physical and emotional pain
  • Reiki is suitable for everyone, adults, elderly and children.
  • Is easily accessible, treatments are provided sitting or lying down
  • Releases blocked and negative energy from the system
  • Heightens intuition and self awareness
  • Helps you to connect with your spiritual self
  • Promotes positive self-care and emotional balance
  • Reiki is a nurturing and comforting treatment

What Happens During a Reiki Session:

The start of the session is often spent exploring any problems, worries, concerns or conditions the client may be experiencing. This helps the client mentally and emotionally. Then the healing begins and the client lies fully clothed comfortably on their back or front on a warm plinth covered by a blanket. The room is warm and comfortable with soft relaxation music to promote a deeper sense of relaxation. The practitioner places their hands on or over specific parts of the body which represent energy centers and chakras. Healing is subtle and delicate but can have a soothing and balancing effect. Clients report feeling rejuvenated and lighter after healing as energy often shifts and moves in the body. Orlagh’s healing sessions are focused on healing the mind, body and spirit and each session for every client is unique depending on their needs on the day. Feedback is provided at the end of each healing session.

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Orlagh is a qualified Reiki Practitioner, Psychotherapist & Complementary Health Therapist and has been practicing spiritual healing and reiki healing since 2000. Orlagh has trained on many occasions in various aspects of Spiritual Healing & Development at the prestigious The Arthur Findley College, London, UK.

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