Cancer Care

Cancer care therapies are for men and women who are going through a cancer diagnosis, medical treatment or a recovery process. Counselling and cancer care reflexology are popular complementary health therapies for people with cancer and evidence can help individuals physically, mentally and emotionally. Receiving therapy regularly can be a wonderful support to anyone effected by cancer. Appointments for cancer care therapy are tailored to suit each clients specific needs. Receiving cancer care therapy can also be a welcome support to family members effected by a loved one diagnosed with cancer. Orlagh combines counselling skills with reflexology for cancer care to help support clients through their diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

There are a number of hospitals and organisations which provide free counselling support and complementary health therapies to patients such as Reflexology, Reiki and Indian head massage. It is recommended that you speak to your medical consultant prior to commencing cancer care therapies if you are currently receiving treatment. Cancer care therapies are also suitable for family members who are supporting their partner and loved ones through a diagnosis and illness.

Orlagh provides the following professional cancer care therapies:

Reflexology for cancer patients and family

Counselling for cancer patients and family

Benefits of Cancer Care Therapies

  • Emotional support
  • A safe relaxing experience
  • Provides the body and mind with rest and relaxation
  • Calming and comforting
  • Counselling support during treatments
  • Can help lift mood & give a feeling of well-being


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