Pregnancy Essentials – Hospital & Baby Bag Checklist

Pregnancy Essentials – Hospital & Baby Bag Checklist

Your new baby is arriving soon and you probably have a lot on your mind so being prepared can help to reduce any anticipation you may be feeling. Taking plenty of time to enjoy the experience of getting your hospital bag ready can help you to prepare mentally for labour. It is never to early to start packing your bag, a good rule of thumb is from around 34+ weeks or early in your third trimester. Ask your consultant and midwife what items will be available during your hospital visit, they often provide pregnancy balls, towels and baby hats to name a few. This helpful hospital & baby bag checklist will make sure you and your baby are fully prepared for your trip to hospital. Don’t worry if you forget anything, you will have plenty of time for someone to bring more supplies as you need them. 

Essentials For Birth:

Birth plan ☐
Loose nightdress for labour   ☐
Nightwear – Plenty of changes  ☐
Disposable maternity briefs ☐
Dressing gown ☐
Perineal gel ☐
Slippers or Flip Flops ☐
Toiletries – Toothbrush, tooth paste, shampoo, rejuvenating shower gel ☐
Maternity sanitary towels  ☐
Face cloth ☐
Cold drinks & water ☐
Hairbrush, hairband or clips to keep hair out of Face  ☐
Bikini if you are using a birthing bath  ☐
Phone & charger  ☐

Non Essentials But Good To Have:

Pregnancy birthing ball (Often provided by Hospital)   ☐
Tens Maternity machine for contractions   ☐
Beanie Bag to heat for back pain   ☐
Essential oils to help with relaxation or tiredness.  ☐
Rejuvenating face mist spray  ☐
HypnoBirthing or GentleBirth music ☐
Music device or tablet ☐
Ear plugs  ☐
Something to read i.e books, magazines ☐
Lip balm – Lips can get dry during labour   ☐
Glucose sweets for energy  ☐

For Mum Post Birth:

Loose cotton top suitable for skin to skin ☐
Plenty of maternity underwear  ☐
Toiletries ☐
Lanolin nipple cream     ☐
Disposable nursing pads  ☐
Maternity nursing bras  ☐
Light snacks and drinks for energy ☐
Makeup Bag ☐

For Your New Baby:

Baby gros & vests  ☐
Baby hat, socks and mittens ☐
Newborn nappies ☐
Baby wipes ☐
Newborn Soother ☐
Blanket (Provided by Hospital) ☐
Car Seat ☐

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