Fertility – What Are The Benefits of Fertility Reflexology

Fertility – What Are The Benefits of Fertility Reflexology

Fertility reflexology is a wonderful complementary health therapy which can be received as a proactive approach to improving overall fertility and in preparation for IVF. Therapeutically treatments are relaxing and have a positive effect on the body, particularly the nervous system.

Ultimately reflexology treatments help promote a balance of mind and body through fertility while also being supported.

There is ongoing research around the world proving the effects and benefits of reflexology for both fertility and pregnancy. All Irish private health insurers providers recognise reflexology as a complementary health therapy which promotes overall health. Many insurance providers cover reflexology as a day to day expense and also specialist fertility reflexology as an additional benefit when received from a registered reflexologist. Fertility clinics around the world employ fertility reflexologists to provide reflexology before and after treatments due to the positive effects on the patient.

The National Register of Reflexologists Ireland is the main governing body for professional reflexologists in Ireland. They promote the following benefits of reflexology for sub-fertility;

  • Provides support at a challenging time.
  • Promotes general well-being.
  • Improves blood flow to the pelvic area.
  • Improves sleep and increases energy levels.
  • Helps to regulate hormones and the menstrual cycle.
  • Reduces pain in endometriosis.
  • Increased success rate in IVF.
  • Reduces stress levels.
  • May help regulate menstrual cycle with Polycystic ovaries.

Many women received fertility reflexology as a proactive approach to improving their overall fertility. This is often also combined with various changes in lifestyle to improve overall health and well-being. Where there is no known medical condition that will stop you conceiving or decrease your chances it is very worthwhile to have a course of treatments before embarking on a more invasive, stressful and often expensive alternative. Often the affects of fertility reflexology are cumulative so a commitment to treatments and lifestyle changes is required for the best possible outcome and to prepare for pregnancy. Women may also receive fertility reflexology through IVF which can help reduce stress, improve overall mood and support women through the various stages of treatment.

Orlagh Gahan is a Registered Reflexologist with the NRRI and a Fertility Counsellor accredited with the I.A.C.P in private practice in Co. Kildare, Ireland. She supports women and couples through natural and assisted fertility treatments, infertility, sex therapy and pregnancy. Orlagh also provides a unique 90 minute Fertility Combined Care appointment which combines fertility counselling support with fertility reflexology to improve overall physical mental and emotional health. 

How Reflexology Can Help Relieve Foot Pain and Sore Feet

How Reflexology Can Help Relieve Foot Pain and Sore Feet

Reflexology is a complementary health therapy applied to the feet. The feet each have 26 bones, 19 muscles and tendons, 33 joints and 107 ligaments. The body and a busy lifestyle can be hard on our trusty feet. As reflexology works on the feet, ankles and lower legs it can be a soothing and welcome therapy not just for your feet but your whole body. Foot pain and discomfort can be debilitating and prevent us from going about every day activities. It may also effect your posture over time and displace your centre of gravity which effects the spine.

On average we take between 3,000 and 10,000 steps every day. It’s no wonder that from time to time many of us experience foot pain, tightness or stiffness in the feet and legs.”

Reflexology can be used to help reduce various types of discomfort and pain in the feet. Symptoms may include pain, soreness, stiffness, tightness, burning, tingling or cramping in the feet. The various gentle reflexology techniques and massage pressure applied to the feet during treatments helps to increases the blood flow and circulation to the whole area. There are over 5000 nerve endings in the feet which are gently stimulated to relieve pain and promote relaxation. It can have a strong impact on the nervous system as a whole. Reflexology is popular with people involved in sports such as running and golfing as it helps the body to heal quicker after activity and can reduce pain from developing in the feet. Reflexology promotes the bodies natural healing abilities while the relaxation effect can have a strong impact on emotional and mental health. Reflexology and massage therapy are also beneficial for pain and tiredness in the legs and your therapist can focus on specific problem areas.

Some common causes of foot pain include:

  • Ageing feet
  • Arthritis
  • Flatfeet
  • Illness and disease
  • Long periods of time standing, walking and running
  • Overuse of feet
  • Poor circulation
  • Poorly fitting footwear and high heels
  • Pregnancy
  • Restricted exercise and movement
  • Repetitive strain
  • Sporting injuries
  • Tiredness and swelling

One single reflexology treatment or a course of reflexology treatments can help to reduce foot pain, promote relaxation and improve the overall feeling of the feet and lower legs. Orlagh Gahan is a registered Reflexologist & Complementary Health Therapist based in Naas, Co. Kildare. She provides Reflexology for health, pregnancy, fertility and foot pain.

Ingredients For a Powerful Reflexology Treatment

Ingredients For a Powerful Reflexology Treatment

Ingredients for a powerful reflexology treatmentReflexology is a complementary health therapy that is about so much more than just a one hour foot treatment. I believe a reflexology treatment should feel more like a therapeutic experience which soothes the senses and leaves you feeling rested, relaxed and invigorated. The power of touch is naturally soothing and nurturing as it promotes the release of feel good chemicals in the brain such as dopamine, serotonin and endorphin’s. These days, relaxation can feel more like a luxury but in truth, it is a health necessity, one which we should practice regularly and learn to master. My advice when it comes to relaxation, if at first you don’t relax, try, try and try again.

Reflexology like most complementary therapies treats the whole person and not just specific symptoms. This means your taking care of your mind, your body and our often neglected, spirit. Here are my ingredients for a powerful reflexology treatment.

Ingredients for a Powerful Reflexology Treatment

#1  One inviting, comfortable and relaxing therapy room.

#2  One heated plinth with soft blankets that feel just right.

#3  A soft aroma of essential aromatherapy oils which promote relaxation or rejuvenation.

#4  Hot natural oils applied to the feet and legs which help your whole body to relax.

#5  Calming music to help your mind drift off and slow down.

#6  One pair of experienced reflexologist healing hands.

#7  YOU!

Combine together for 60 minutes as you give yourself permission to relax and feel nurtured. Finish with one glass of cold fresh water to help flush out toxins, re-hydrate and bring you back to reality. Repeat regularly. To experience reflexology for yourself or find out more visit www.orlaghgahan.ie

My advice when it comes to relaxation, if at first you don’t relax..try..try and try again.’

Orlagh Gahan is a qualified Counsellor & Complementary Health Therapist. She holds a Diploma in Holistic Healing Massage, Dip. in Reflexology, Dip. Indian Head Massage and a B.Sc in Counselling. She provides reflexology for health, relaxation, pregnancy and fertility. You can book a treatment with Orlagh at the Naas Holistic Centre, 25 North Main Street, Naas, Kildare, Ireland. Find out more at www.orlaghgahan.ie or facebook/TherapyForWellness

Reflexology Treatments Covered by Private Health Insurance

Reflexology Treatments Covered by Private Health Insurance

Did you know that Reflexology treatments are covered by most major health insurance providers! That means that you could be entitled to either a full or part refund for up to 12 Reflexology treatments per year depending on the type of healthcare policy you have. To find out if you are covered for Reflexology contact your insurance provider directly. This is good news for individuals who wish to benefit from reflexology treatments regularly and also people who wish to attend the ongoing pregnancy and fertility reflexology. Orlagh Gahan is a a fully registered Reflexologist with the National Register of Reflexologists and with most major health care providers.

Read more about the benefits of reflexology or visit www.orlaghgahan.ie for more information.



Pregnancy Reflexology – Nurturing the Nurturer During Pregnancy

Pregnancy Reflexology – Nurturing the Nurturer During Pregnancy

Pregnancy reflexologyPregnancy reflexology also know as maternity reflexology or ante-natal reflexology is a wonderful therapy which treats the whole body by working on the feet using massage, pressure and gentle movements. It is a very soothing and relaxing therapy which has many benefits throughout the course of your pregnancy. It essentially helps to bring about balance, harmony and relaxation while also helping to reduce and alleviate many symptoms experienced during each trimester.

Pregnancy reflexology essentially helps to nurture the nurturer through the many mixed emotions and changes of pregnancy.”

Your reflexologist becomes a friendly pregnancy partner who will nurture and support you all through your pregnancy. Regular treatments help the mother to cope better with pregnancy and prepares her mentally and physically for labour and motherhood. Many women will have previously attended Fertility Reflexology prior to becoming pregnant. Sessions provide a space to teach and practice simple breathing exercises and affirmations which are beneficial during the birthing process. Reflexology is recommended by the National Maternity Hospital, Holles Street in Dublin 2. Pregnancy reflexology essentially helps to nurture the nurturer through the many mixed emotions and changes of pregnancy.

The Benefits of Pregnancy Reflexology

  • Helps reduce early pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness, nausea and fatigue.
  • Alleviates physical symptoms such as constipation and heartburn.
  • Promotes and aids relaxation and reduces stress and anxiety.
  • Provides a safe space to talk about any fears or anxieties that may be experienced.
  • Prepares the body for labour by balancing the bodies systems especially the endocrine system which governs the labour process.
  • Alleviates muscle and back pain.
  • Helps to boost energy levels and restore the bodies natural balance.
  • Nurtures, supports and reassures the client throughout the course of pregnancy.
  • Teaches and encourages simple breathing exercise and affirmations.

Find out more about pregnancy and fertility reflexology with Orlagh Gahan at the Naas Holistic Centre in Naas, Co Kildare at www.orlaghgahan.ie

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10 Great Benefits of Reflexology

10 Great Benefits of Reflexology
Foot reflexology chart description

Reflexology continues to grow in popularity as a gentle and powerful Complementary Health Therapy as it has many great benefits. Increasingly, reflexology is being used to sooth common health problems in a safe and non-evasive way. Reflexology essentially treats the whole person, mind and body, from the inside out by using gentle massage and pressure techniques on reflex points found on both the hands and feet. Regular reflexology treatments can be used to sooth and reduce the symptoms of common complaints such as sleep problems, fertility issues, chronic illness, muscle pain, stress and anxiety. 

Reflexology essentially treats the whole person, mind and body, from the inside out. By treating the whole person on an emotional and physical level, the benefits of reflexology can be experienced long after the treatment ends.

10 Great Physical and Emotional Benefits of Reflexology; 

  1. The feet hold the reflexes to the whole body and by working on just the feet, the whole body benefits.
  2. During a treatment the feet are stimulated to relax all the muscles in the body which increases circulation and promotes relaxation.
  3. Stimulating the reflexes to troubled areas in the body will help promote healing in that specific area.
  4. Massage techniques used in reflexology have an immediate relieving and soothing effect on the mind and body.
  5. Reflexology helps to eliminate and remove waste products and toxins which build up in the body as a result of stress and food intake.
  6. Various systems such as the nervous and circulatory system are activated and stimulated during a treatment which allows energy to flow more freely around the body.
  7. Reflexology treatments stimulates and soothes around 7,000 nerves in the whole body which help activate the bodies self healing.
  8. The combination of touch and stress relief experienced during each treatment help to sooth pain and reduce mental and emotional anxiety.
  9. It is possible to reduce the symptoms of many physical problems such as back pain, period pain and digestive problems by focusing on specific reflexes.
  10. Using essential aromatherapy oils such as Lavender and Rose during reflexology can help the client to feel relaxed, energised and uplifted after each session.

Reflexology treatments typically last for 1 hour and are provided in a warm and relaxing environment.

To find out more about reflexology or to book an appointment with Orlagh Gahan in Naas Holistic Centre, Naas, Co. Kildare please click here.

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