Client Testimonials

Find out what some of my clients have to say about the many benefits of therapy. If you would like to leave your testimonial and experience of therapy email me at

Complementary Health Therapies 

“I have had a few sessions with Orlagh now both massage and reflexology and I can’t recommend her enough. She listens to what you want and understands what your able for. As someone who has undergone cancer treatment and in recovery I was a little nervous but I was put right at ease and felt extremely relaxed throughout my sessions. Orlagh is a lovely person and very easy to talk to. Thank you Orlagh for helping me through my recovery.” Sarah.M, 25, Kildare – July 2017

“I had an amazing pregnancy massage and reflexology treatment with Orlagh. She is so kind and warming, and she is amazing at what she does. I felt so relaxed throughout the whole treatment and would definitely recommend her to anyone. The environment was very relaxing and also, I will be returning to her for another session.” Aoife.S, Dublin – April 2017

“After a very stressful and exhausting pregnancy I was experiencing neck and back problems. Orlagh worked on my back, neck and shoulders to free it up and remove all the knots and tension that I had accumulated over the past year. I felt great after! I have been coming to Orlagh for massage therapy and reflexology for various back stiffness and tension for a long time now and I can highly recommend her as a therapist.” Siobhain.R, 33, Kildare.

“I started going to reflexology for stress and IBS about 2 years ago and I find it helps me to relax. Its also is great for relieving the some uncomfortable symptoms of IBS. Reflexology has helped me to learn to relax more in general and manage my condition better.  Aine, 32, Working Mother of 2

“I had some healing sessions over the course of 6 months when I was having a tough time and found them really grounding and good for me. It felt good to be able to talk about what I was going through and then to receive healing all in one session! I always felt positive after the sessions and lighter some how. I had counselling in the past but my healing sessions with Orlagh where better for me emotionally.” Robert K, Kildare – May 2017      

“I had two lovely healing sessions with Orlagh one week when I was feeling very low about everything. I was all over the place but she was so easy to talk to and the healing was real relaxing. She gave me great feedback after the sessions and I am hoping to book again soon! Thank you.” Monica J, Naas – May 2017  

“Reflexology with Orlagh is such a treat! Very relaxing treatment in a comfortable welcoming space. Orlagh is a fantastic therapist and I would highly recommend her.”  Dee, Kildare – June 2016

“Have enjoyed several reflexology sessions with Orlagh during my pregnancy; she has a very calming manner and the treatment itself is so relaxing and in such nice surroundings. I’m treating myself to another session this week and am really looking forward to it! Would highly recommend.” Aoife.T – July 2016

“Had the most amazing session of pregnancy reflexology this week with Orlagh. She was so professional, warm and inviting. The Holistic centre is a very relaxing environment with soothing music to help you drift off and shut yourself off to the world. Highly recommend it I’m definitely going back for more.” Joanne, Kildare – June 2016

“I enjoyed my last two Reiki sessions with Orlagh. I find them very relaxing and blissful even. They have been helpful in clearing emotional and physical issues for me. My first experience was very uplifting and I felt lighter in myself for weeks after. The second healing helped me with pain in my arm which felt better by the end of the session. Dave, 45, Social Care – Feb 2016 

“I had a fabulous Reiki treatment with Orlagh recently, I instantly felt at ease & settled into relaxation very quickly. The treatment was so relaxing & the perfect treatment after a long day. I really liked the time Orlagh took to give her feedback on the session but also to get my feedback at various stages of the treatment. Lovely healing, I’ll be back for more!”  Frances, 33, Dublin –  June 2015

“I have been getting reflexology for a few years now and try to go once a month, its very relaxing. I find that it helps me a lot with stiffness, tightness and sometimes pain that I have in my toes, feet, legs and lower back as I do a lot of walking and gardening. It helps to loosen out my feet and its makes me feel great after.” Elizabeth, 63, Retired – 2015

Counselling Services & Recovery

Eoghan’s Story –Since I started to go to the counselling sessions I have felt so much better in myself. I was suffering from very dark bouts of depression but being able to express myself to Orlagh, who is very understanding, has given me much help. I still have my down days but knowing that I have my regular session to go to gives me the structure and support that I need to get through the dark patches. As a recovering addict, Orlagh’s understanding of addiction really helps, and her empathetic approach makes it easy to share what I need to share. I really feel that I have started to delve deeper into myself and I believe I have begun to look at the root of my problems. I would highly recommend Orlagh as a counsellor to anyone who might feel they need help or support as it has really helped me.” Eoghan, Ireland – 2015

Barry’s Story – I attended counselling for about 9 months. It was a safe space to speak openly and honestly about what was happening in my life, both present and past, without feeling judged. I was able to let down barriers and deal with deeply emotional issues and memories and it provided insight into the roots of my behaviours. To have someone with the skills to highlight with a simple question where I was allowing myself to rationalise or minimise negative behaviours was also really valuable. I would recommend counselling to everyone. Most of us lead busy lives and to have a time to really reflect and discuss what’s on your mind with a professional is hugely valuable and contributes to overall wellness. It also really helps to speak to someone who is not a friend or family member because it allows you to be truly honest.  The biggest lesson I have learned about addiction is that if you try to manage it alone you will fail. Support is essential, whether that is in the form of Counselling or joining a support group.  Also honesty is key, particularly being honest with yourself. Orlagh displayed knowledge, empathy, compassion and professionalism throughout the therapy process.”  Barry, 41, Dublin – 2016

David’s Story – “I started addiction counselling in August 2015 with Orlagh. I was in an awful state after my wife and my family found out I was a sex addict. My whole world was falling apart and I was so frightened of the pain and trauma I caused my family. I really didn’t know what was going to happen to me next and how my life was going to end up. What I found that helped me most was to be able to disclose everything with Orlagh. That took a while but I felt the weight lifting off my shoulders after each session. For more than 13 months Orlagh helped me understand my addiction and how it ticks in me. I am happy to say I am in full recovery and will be for the rest of my life. I joined a 12 step fellowship and its spiritual awareness has helped me stay sober. It has given me the tools to deal with lust in everyday life. Because of that I am now a better person inside and outside.” Dublin – August 2016

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