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Psychotherapy provides counselling, emotional support and professional help to men, women and couples for any problem or challenge which may be effecting their life. Professional therapy can be provided face to face, online and by telephone. We all experience challenged and difficulty at various times in our life. During these times it can help to seek the support of a professional Psychotherapist who provides non-judgmental and confidential therapeutic support.

Psychotherapy is a therapeutic talk therapy process suitable for many adults and young adults. The type of psychotherapy approach can depends on each individual and their presenting problems. There are different types of therapeutic approaches which can be used such as holistic counselling, person centered counselling, addiction counselling, CBT and solution focused counselling. Unconditional positive regard and confidentiality are core to the counselling relationship. Many therapists will specialise in specific areas and specific approaches. Therapy may be short or longer term depending on each clients presenting issues.  There is a misconception that counselling is a miracle cure for problems, this is incorrect. Counselling is a therapeutic process which individual’s engage in over a period of time. Clients are often encouraged to make behavioral and lifestyle changes and consider additional supports and resources. Counselling sessions are attended regularly, weekly or bi-weekly for a period of time or as long as necessary.

“Therapy can be a very rewarding process which takes time, patience and personal investment. It is a wonderful journey of self discovery, acceptance and understanding.”

Orlagh provides counselling and psychotherapy for a range of areas including sexual problems, fertility and addiction recovery. Sessions can be booked online here for face to face counselling or online counselling via SKYPE.

Therapeutic Services:

  • One to one personal psychotherapy
  • Sexual problems, sex therapy & sexual health – Individuals & couples
  • Sex, Dating & Relationships
  • Addiction & Recovery Counselling – Substances, alcohol, gambling, food, sex, pornography – Individuals & Couples
  • Addiction Family Support
  • Problematic behaviours – Individual & couples
  • Specialist counselling – Sexual Addiction – Individuals & couples
  • Anger management – Individuals & couples
  • Fertility counselling – Individuals & couples
  • Stress management
  • Lifestyle & well-being coaching
  • Online counselling
  • Telephone counselling
  • Motivational Psychotherapy
  • Workplace Counselling face to face and online for Corporations

The Benefits of Counselling & Psychotherapy

  • Professional confidential support.
  • Safe and non judgmental.
  • Supportive and consistent guidance.
  • A space to be truly honest with yourself.
  • Help for overcoming many emotional and mental health problems.
  • Therapy provides you with an opportunity to understand yourself better.
  • Promotes positive self regard, self acceptance, self respect and self-actualisation.
  • It helps individuals to focus on what is important in their lives and provides a sense of direction.
  • Talk therapies can be a motivating and life changing experience for many people.
  • The therapeutic relationship helps individuals to develop a strong and accepting sense of self.
  • Support for understanding and overcoming addictions, problematic behaviours, internal conflict and criticism.

I would recommend counselling to everyone! Most of us lead busy lives and to have a time to really reflect and discuss what’s on your mind with a professional is hugely valuable and contributes to overall wellness.”   -Client Testimonial-


24 Hour Cancellation Policy

A standard 24 hour cancellation policy applies to all booked appointments. Full payment or a deposit payment to hold your booking time is required when booking all appointments.

Appointment Types

First Consultation – 55 minute appointment – An initial appointment suitable for information, support, counselling and general inquiries about the counselling process. First consultations are paid for in full at the time of booking.

Follow-up Appointment – 55 Minute appointment – A standard psychotherapy appointment for on-going counselling.

Extended Appointment – 1 Hour 20 Minutes – An extended psychotherapy appointment for on-going counselling.

Extended Appointment – 1 Hour 50 Minutes  – An extended psychotherapy appointment for on-going counselling.

Specialist Counselling – Counselling for Sexual Addiction

Online Counselling – 50 Minutes


Self referrals and formal referrals are accepted. You do not require a formal referral letter to make an appointment as this is a private counselling service.  I accept referrals from GP’s, health professionals, organisations and other counselling and health professionals. Referrals for EAP Counselling (Employee Assistance Programme) need to come through your EAP provider.

Please be aware that there are a number of areas which I do not provide counselling services. These include moderate to severe mental health problems & disorders, childhood sexual abuse, suicidal behaviour. Please contact your GP or find a local Counsellor & Psychotherapist at who specialises in the above.   

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