Pornography Addiction

Orlagh Gahan provides addiction counselling to individual and couples for problem pornography use, pornography addiction and related sexual behaviours and problems. This often includes sexual wellbeing and sexual recovery counselling and relationship healing support. Appointments are available online via DOXY.ME. Find out more on my new website

She also provides counselling to couples who are being impacted by pornography and who wish to restore balance, intimacy and trust in their relationship. Couples are encourage to learn more about the sexual recovery process together and the impact on loving relationships. Orlagh works with individuals and couples who need to work through a Disclosure Process together following the discovery or disclosure of pornography use.

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Therapy is directive, solution focused and integrative through discussing and understanding all the factors which have impacted the individual and caused the problem with pornography and related behaviours.

Therapy for problem porn use may be short to long term and involves exploring the following:

  • Initial Consultation
  • Listening, supporting and assessment
  • Understanding the addiction cycle and recovery
  • Understanding predictive behaviours, habits and rituals
  • Harm reduction and managing predictable acting out
  • The stages of change process
  • Working through shame
  • Healthy recovery habits
  • Understanding sexual wellbeing
  • Encouragement and motivational support
  • Learning from slips, lapses and relapse.
  • Promoting sexual healthy characteristics.
  • Healing relationships and rebuilding trust in recovery
  • Support and resources
  • Ongoing therapy
  • Group support available


What is Pornography Addiction?

Pornography addiction is a form of sexual addiction which is a process or behavioural addiction. Pornography is becoming increasingly prevalent and problematic for many people in particular men. The instantaneous availability of pornography, sexually explicit content, sex workers and online dating and hook up sites online makes sexual problems and sex addiction more prevalent, especially since the introduction of tablets and smartphones.

Habitual, long-term, compulsive or impulsive use of pornography effects people in various ways. For many, excessive pornography use damages otherwise healthy relationships, intimacy, mental and emotional health. The characteristics of problematic behaviour develop over time as individuals struggle to maintain control, health and relationships. Research tells us that pornography is influencing our younger generations understanding and perception of healthy loving sex and intimacy. Ongoing exposure to pornography in a young person or adult can cause unrealistic attitudes and understanding of sex and create anxiety and internal stress regarding relationships and sexual performance. Unhealthy use of pornography can cause sexual dysfunction and intimacy disorders and relationship breakdown.

Pornography is not automatically problematic. However, it is the association and level of use of pornography and the impact it is having on the individuals life which defines it as healthy or unhealthy. Habitual, impulsive and compulsive use of online pornography can lead to dependence and addiction thus taking the addict further and further away from themselves and others. Attending regular personal addiction counselling and support groups to overcome pornography and sexual addiction can be an alternative to residential treatment.

Counselling provides individual one to one therapeutic professional support to individuals who are struggling with problematic, unhealthy or addictive sexual behaviours. The counselling approach is supportive, direct and gently challenging and is often a longer term process. Confidentiality, encouragement and unconditional positive regard are at the core of addiction counselling work. Breaking the cycle of secrecy and shame is the first step towards getting help. Early intervention is vital in breaking the cycle of problematic and unhealthy behaviours which can escalate over time.


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