Sex Addiction Counselling

Orlagh Gahan provides counselling to men, women and couples for a range of sexual related problems which include sex addiction, pornography addiction, problematic sexual behaviours, sexual recovery, sexual problems, sexual health counselling, relationship counselling, counselling for infidelity, betrayal & affairs, support through a disclosure process, infertility & sexual problems, intimacy and Gottman Method Couples Therapy. Appointments are available face to face in Kildare, by telephone and online via DOXY.ME.

Private sex addiction counselling helps individuals struggling with sexual behaviours and problematic sexual acting out to learn how to become a more sexually healthy individual and seek sexual recovery. Therapy  is confidential, non-judgmental and recovery orientated using specifically addiction counselling and the Stages of Change Model. Sex addiction counselling is a specialist counselling. Therapy is suitable for anyone struggling with problematic sexual behaviours, infidelity, pornography and relationship breakdown.

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Sex addiction is an increasing problem. In therapy there is a strong focus on sexual recovery, mental health, well-being and healing and restoring relationships. Unhealthy sexual behaviours typically develop over a long period of time and have a deep impact on many aspects of life.

Sex addiction primarily effects men and may include compulsive and impulsive sexual acting out, pornography, online content, dangerous sexual practices, health problems, infidelity, STD’s, lusting, fantasy and a general preoccupation with sex.

Recovery from sexual addiction often requires personal therapy, group support and relationship counselling for an extended period of time.

Therapy sessions focus on some of the following;

  • Assessment
  • Intervention
  • Goal Setting
  • Relationship Healing
  • Sexual Health Promotion
  • Exploring Sobriety
  • Planning for the future
  • Understanding Sex Addiction
  •  Sexual Education
  • Managing Compulsions, thoughts and feelings
  • Stress Management
  • The Addiction Cycle
  • 5 Healthy Habits of Recovery

Orlagh provides private one to one sex addiction counselling to individuals and couples for sexual addiction, sex addiction, pornography addiction, sexual problems and related associated problems.

It is beneficial that individuals coming for counselling for sexual addiction make their partners aware that they are commencing personal therapy and a potential sexual recovery process. I recommend that you bring your partner or spouse to the first appointment so that both individuals gain an understanding of the recovery process and are given time to express the impact on their life and the relationship.


There are many resources, books, support groups, apps, online information, therapists and supports for people who want to recover from sexual addiction and problematic sexual behaviours. You can find out more about these supports and resources in your counselling sessions.

You can read more about Overcoming Pornography in a series of articles published on my blog which help readers understand more about practical ways to give up online pornography, signs of problematic pornography use and how it feels to be 365 days in recovery from pornography addiction.

You can find more articles and information about sexual addiction and recovery at my Therapy Blog here.

Orlagh has working in the areas of Sex & Pornography Addiction since 2011 at The Centre for Sexual Addictions in Dublin 2, Ireland. She completed a B.Sc Hons Degree Thesis on Sex Addiction and Services in Ireland in 2010. Orlagh has attended professional training in Sex Addiction, Sex Therapy and Sexual Health Promotion since 2010.


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