Couples Addiction Recovery

The Gottman Method couples therapy approach can help couples work through the process of addiction recovery together. The recovery process can feel confusing and overwhelming at times for both people in the relationship, particularly in the early stages and first year of recovery.

Most couples tend to struggle to find the right ways to get through this transition from addiction into recovery. Understanding the process of addiction recovery can help to alleviate much unnecessary stress, expectation and tension between couples. There is a lot to learn and understand about the recovery process and almost always, both partners are in very different places mentally and emotionally. Helping couples to dialogue and talk more openly about their own individual reality and challenges can help to bridge the great divide that couples experience as a result of addiction.

Couples addiction recovery using the Gottman method couples therapy promotes the approach that the couple are united in the recovery process together against the addiction rather than a dynamic of one partner dealing with their addiction and recovery while their spouse waits unsupported. Partners experience their own trauma, distress and extensive problems as a result of addiction in the relationship. There is a strong emphasis on both partners getting support for how the addiction has impacted on both of them and at the same time addressing a relationship recovery process.

Couples addiction recovery counselling using the Gottman method promotes the approach that the couple are united in the recovery process together against the addiction….

Couples addiction recovery provides therapeutic support, exercises and Gottman tools for a relational approach to healing. Typically the partner overcoming addiction will be engaging in a range of supports such as personal therapy, group support and residential treatment while their partner is often left unsupported and alone in the recovery process. We encourage a pro-dependence approach to couples addiction recovery which is a partner sensitive and inclusive approach to healing and recovery.

Appointments are available face to face online using DOXY which is a secure telemedicine platform for healthcare professionals. You can view and book an appointment online here.

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