February News and Psychotherapy Services Update

February News and Psychotherapy Services Update

Professional Online Psychotherapy for Individuals and Couples and Telephone Counselling appointments are available weekdays at 7.30pm, 8.30pm and 9.30pm (GMT). Appointments can be viewed, booked & paid online securely using Acuity Software and paid via STRIPE.


Spring has arrived and the days are finally starting to get longer. Hopefully this change of seasons will help put a spring in your step and for many reduce those common symptoms brought on by Season Affective Disorder (SAD) in wintertime.

The winter season was incredibly busy as the demand for online counselling and psychotherapy increased. More and more couples are talking with therapists online from the comfort of their own home. The convenience of online therapy means it is easier for couples to access continued ongoing support without too much interruption to everyday life or childcare constraints.

For the month of February I will be available on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings from 7pm until 11pm. There will be limited daytime availability during Level 5 restrictions. Appointments are available face to face online and by telephone.

Couples are invited to book online face to face therapy which can be attend while in the same location or in different locations. Telephone counselling is available to individuals for a range of personal problem.

All bookings are taken online via my website www.orlaghgahan.ie or using this booking calendar link here. Appointments are paid for in full at the time of booking. The online booking system gives you full control of your bookings. It allows you to book sessions up to 60 days in advance, reschedule and cancel your booking. Appointments are on a first come first serve basis.

I am often fully booked up to three weeks in advance however there is an option to be notified of a cancellation or last minute appointment when you book your appointment.

New clients will be made fully aware of the client and therapist confidentiality agreement at the start of their first therapy session together.

What’s New for February 2021?

Last month the Gottman Institute introduced the new Gottman Enhanced Relationship Check-up assessment. This is a clinical assessment tools for Gottman relationship therapists working with couples to help assess relationship strengths and weaknesses. Partners login and answers in private over 300 questions about their relationship needs and experiences. This provides a full report to the therapist of the key areas to work through in therapy and helps identify the couples strength’s and weaknesses. It also generates a couples report which the therapist provides directly to the couple.

The Gottman Institute have also just launched two exciting online educational multimedia tools for couples which they can view together at home. The Gottman Relationship Coach – Dealing with Conflict and the Gottman Relationship Coach – How to Make Your Relationship Work. These are two research based inspirational educational tools for couples to use and learn together. They are excellent for couples who are already attending relationship therapy and for couples learning more about the Gottman method and healthy relationships.

How to Access Your Online Therapy Appointment

Online therapy appointments are suitable for individuals and couples and is provided via DOXY.ME which is a secure telemedicine platform for health professionals and clinics. DOXY allows you to talk with your therapist conveniently from anywhere in Ireland or around the world. All you need to do is click on the link provided in your booking confirmation email at the time of your scheduled appointment to enter the virtual waiting room. I use ZOOM meetings for couples attending therapy from different locations.


Counselling & Psychotherapy Services Available

30, 60 and 120 minute appointments are available.

  • Telephone counselling & psychotherapy for individuals
  • Online therapy & consultations for individuals and couples

I provide professional psychotherapy for addiction and recovery, sex, intimacy, dating & relationships, fertility and infertility, pregnancy and postnatal, couples therapy, anger management and healing from betrayal, infidelity and addiction.

There are no drop in appointments or Complementary Health Therapies available for the spring.

Orlagh Gahan is a an accredited Psychotherapist, Sex and Relationship Counsellor, Addiction Counsellor & Complementary Health Therapist in private practice and online in Co. Kildare, Ireland. She specialises in well-being, sex & relationships, fertility & infertility, pregnancy and recovery from addiction and illness. Book online for Face to Face Therapy and Online Consultations worldwide via DOXY.ME! Check out www.orlaghgahan.ie

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