Fertility Reflexology

Orlagh is a qualified Fertility Reflexologist (N.R.R.I) & Specialist Fertility Counsellor (M.I.A.C.P) in Kildare who provides professional therapy to women for fertility and infertility. She provides reflexology and counselling to women who wish to conceive naturally and women who are going through medical investigations and assisted fertility. Fertility reflexology is a complementary health therapy which improves overall health and well-being and can be used to promote natural fertility. Reflexology is beneficial for women going through the IVF process which can be mentally, physically and emotionally challenging. The focus of reflexology for fertility is to restore a natural balance in the body, reduce stress and promote relaxation, while gently focusing on the reflexes associated with fertility and the reproductive system. Women effected by fertility problems may also be experiencing miscarriage and loss as a result of fertility complications. As a qualified fertility Counsellor, Orlagh supports women through all stages of fertility.

There are many factors, health conditions and circumstances which can effect fertility.  Receiving reflexology treatments regularly can be part of a holistic natural approach to improving overall well-being. Treatments are relaxing and have many positive physical and emotional results. When an individual or couple experience ongoing problems with fertility, it can be a difficult and emotional time. Orlagh, who is a qualified Psychotherapist & Reflexologist provides emotional support and reassurance during fertility reflexology treatments and can support you on your fertility journey.

Reflexology can be used as part of a holistic approach to improving overall health and natural fertility, or as a complementary health therapy alongside medically assisted fertility treatment.

Benefits of Fertility Reflexology

  • Helps to reduce stress, tension and anxiety.
  • Helps to calm and balance the nervous system.
  • Suitable for men and women.
  • Complements medically assisted fertility treatments/cycles and the IVF process.
  • May help to regulate ovulation and the menstrual cycle.
  • Stimulates endorphin release which is the feel good hormone.
  • Helps to try create a balanced environment for conception to take place.
  • Encourages the body to cope more effectively with the effects of stress and/or medication.
  • Stimulates the various systems in the body including the reproductive system.
  • Improves circulation and blood flow to the whole body.
  • Provides emotional non judgmental support and encouragement.
  • Safe, warm and relaxing therapeutic experience.
  • A proactive approach to improving fertility and general health.

Fertility issues, subfertility and infertility are medical conditions. Reflexologists, do not claim to cure infertility or the causes of fertility issues or provide any form of medical advice or diagnosis. Natural and conventional fertility treatments can be complemented by fertility reflexology. It is recommend that you speak to your GP or medical consultant about any fertility problems or concerns you may be experiencing.

Fertility Reflexology

Initial Consultation & Reflexology – The first session combines a consultation, taking medical, menstrual, lifestyle and relationship information with your first fertility reflexology treatment. Your treatments will be tailored to the information you provide. 60 Minutes and 90 Minute Duration

Reflexology for Fertility – This is a relaxing full reflexology treatment which focuses on the major reflexes, the reproductive system & endocrine system and any other areas identified in the initial consultation. Treatments are typically received regularly. 60 Minute Duration

Fertility Reflexology & Counselling – These appointments combine fertility, lifestyle and stress management counselling with a fertility reflexology treatment. A course of regular sessions over a period of weeks is recommended. 45 minutes counselling /45 minutes reflexology. 90 Minute Duration

Health Insurance Cover
Reflexology is covered by most major health insurance companies including VHI, Laya Healthcare, Aviva and GloHealth when you attend a registered N.R.R.I Reflexologist. You may be able to claim part or all the cost of your treatment from your health insurance provider.

You can contact me directly or book online for Fertility Reflexology & Fertility Counselling in Kildare.

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