Kildare Times – The Key To Emotional Health

In this weeks Kildare Times, I’m sharing my thoughts on The Key to Emotional Health.

Our emotional health is precious and gently resilient. It is fundamental to our mental, physical and spiritual health. Our emotions act as an internal thermometer gauging and measuring how we are feeling in ourselves and experiencing the world around us at any given moment. Emotions arise spontaneously and without conscious effort as we react to people, thoughts and situations every moment of every day. They essentially motion us to experience feelings such as happiness, joy or sadness. Our emotions surge and fluctuate throughout each day but are mostly consistent, subtle and manageable. Many of us are not actively aware of our emotions on a daily basis because we are busy in our mind with the ebb and flow of life and yet our emotions are delicately ever present. In counselling practice, I often hear clients say I don’t know how I feel or I can’t express what I’m feeling but they are experiencing some form of distress. Our emotions help to keep us safe, for example, in situations when we begin to feel fearful, nervous or anxious. Sometimes being exhausted or overwhelmed by emotions can leave us feeling powerless or unable to make decisions that may be best for us.

Our emotions act as an internal thermometer gauging and measuring how we are feeling in ourselves and experiencing the world around us…

On the other hand, emotions can be a wonderful source of intuition and gut instinct when something just feels right. We often make decisions based on our emotions rather than on logic. The more emotionally healthy we feel, the more we trust our instincts. Identifying your own emotions and understanding the source of your feelings both positive and negative is the key to emotional health. Use this information to help you make simple decisions and actions which will promote your overall health. Take time to sit quietly and get in touch with your emotional self which requires nourishing and nurturing. Talking to family and friends or a counsellor can help you to share and overcome on-going emotional problems.

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