The Joy of Massage Therapy During Pregnancy

The Joy of Massage Therapy During Pregnancy

Complementary health therapies such as pregnancy massage therapy and maternity reflexology can be wonderful during pregnancy and are often a welcome relief from many pregnancy symptoms and the life changes which come with pregnancy. In fact, you may never appreciate lying down and being pampered with a massage as much as you do during pregnancy, it truly feels incredible.

Pregnant women have been honoured and celebrated throughout history with ceremonies and rituals which often included touch, bathing, nurturing and massage. In many cultures around the world, abdominal massage has been prevalent to help sooth mother and baby, while also helping to ensure the correct positioning of the baby. These days, modern women are too busy to indulge in rituals and ceremonies which makes pregnancy massage even more inviting.

Massage therapy has many health benefits for both mother and baby particularly in the third trimester when her body is working overtime as baby piles on the pounds. Many women are often still working and managing family life with very little time for relaxation or to put their feet up for an hour. Pregnancy can be demanding on the body and massage therapy helps to counteract those slight physical symptoms which build up during the 40 week rollercoaster. Regular treatments can help with muscle pain, aching legs and fatigue while also promoting a strong sense of relaxation.

Touch is such a powerful and under-estimated sense, most women find the emotional benefits far out-weigh the physical benefits when it comes to maternity massage.”

Therapy also provides an opportunity for mother to switch off from the outside world for just a brief moment in time to connect with her baby. Take some time to experience the joy of massage therapy during your pregnancy journey.

Orlagh Gahan is a Reflexologist and Massage Therapist who provides a range of specialist therapies for health, pregnancy and fertility in Naas, Co, Kildare.

Orlagh Gahan is a an accredited Psychotherapist, Sex and Relationship Counsellor, Addiction Counsellor & Complementary Health Therapist in private practice and online in Co. Kildare, Ireland. She specialises in well-being, sex & relationships, fertility & infertility, pregnancy and recovery from addiction and illness. Book online for Face to Face Therapy and Online Consultations worldwide via DOXY.ME! Check out

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