Postnatal Therapy

Postnatal therapies are for women who have been pregnant in the previous 12 months. They are suitable for any woman who has given birth or experienced miscarriage or the loss of a baby. Physical and maternal health following a pregnancy is hugely important for every single women. Massage therapy, Reflexology and Counselling can have many benefits following a pregnancy as they each focus on gently improving overall health and well-being while promoting relaxation.

Up to 15% of women experience postnatal depression following a pregnancy in the first 12 months. It can be a vulnerable and challenging time which is why it is important to access care and support as early as possible. Looking after your mental, emotional and physical health is a part of recovering from pregnancy.

Orlagh Gahan is a qualified accredited Psychotherapist & Complementary Health Therapist who provides therapies for women before, during and after pregnancy. She also provides a specialist 90 minute Postnatal Therapy session which combines counselling support with complementary therapy to help women cope with symptoms of postnatal depression, low mood, stress and related symptoms following a pregnancy.

I provide postnatal therapies to help women recover and heal from pregnancy. They have a strong emphasis on rest and relaxation while also helping to improve mental and emotional health. They are suitable for women who have had a healthy pregnancy, complicated pregnancy, traumatic birth and miscarriage at any stage.

Orlagh Gahan provides the following postnatal therapies in Kildare;

  • Postnatal Massage Therapy – 70 Minute session
  • Postnatal Reflexology – 70 Minute session
  • Postnatal Counselling – 60 Minutes session
  • Combined Care Postnatal Counselling with Complementary Therapy – 90 Minute session

Postnatal Massage Therapy 
This relaxing massage therapy session promotes relaxation and helps to sooth aches and pains while also helping to work out any problems areas identified in the consultation. It is provided on a warm plinth with hot towels and oils.

Postnatal Reflexology 
This is a deeply relaxing therapy which focuses on feet and legs to help promote relaxation, sooth the nervous system and balance the whole body. Reflexology is a combination of acupressure, manipulation and massage therapy techniques on the feet combined with a full leg massage. The focus of sessions is to help reduce stress in the body and mind.

Postnatal Counselling
Postnatal counselling is for any women who has been pregnant in the previous 12 months. Counselling provides professional nonjudgmental emotional support to help women cope with any physical, emotional or mental distress they may be experiencing following a pregnancy. Sessions are relaxed, supportive and solution focused with a strong emphasis on improving general health and well-being. You do not need a GP referral letter.

Combined Care – Postnatal Counselling with Complementary Health Therapy
This is a 90 minutes session which focuses on improving physical, mental and emotional health. The first 45 minutes are counselling support to help address any emotional and mental concerns the women may be experiencing including any symptoms of stress, low mood or postnatal depression. This is followed by 45 minute of complementary health therapy which can be a relaxation massage or reflexology which help to sooth any tension in the body and promote relaxation.

You can book your appointment online here.

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