Ingredients For a Powerful Reflexology Treatment

Ingredients for a powerful reflexology treatmentReflexology is a complementary health therapy that is about so much more than just a one hour foot treatment. I believe a reflexology treatment should feel more like a therapeutic experience which soothes the senses and leaves you feeling rested, relaxed and invigorated. The power of touch is naturally soothing and nurturing as it promotes the release of feel good chemicals in the brain such as dopamine, serotonin and endorphin’s. These days, relaxation can feel more like a luxury but in truth, it is a health necessity, one which we should practice regularly and learn to master. My advice when it comes to relaxation, if at first you don’t relax, try, try and try again.

Reflexology like most complementary therapies treats the whole person and not just specific symptoms. This means your taking care of your mind, your body and our often neglected, spirit. Here are my ingredients for a powerful reflexology treatment.

Ingredients for a Powerful Reflexology Treatment

#1  One inviting, comfortable and relaxing therapy room.

#2  One heated plinth with soft blankets that feel just right.

#3  A soft aroma of essential aromatherapy oils which promote relaxation or rejuvenation.

#4  Hot natural oils applied to the feet and legs which help your whole body to relax.

#5  Calming music to help your mind drift off and slow down.

#6  One pair of experienced reflexologist healing hands.

#7  YOU!

Combine together for 60 minutes as you give yourself permission to relax and feel nurtured. Finish with one glass of cold fresh water to help flush out toxins, re-hydrate and bring you back to reality. Repeat regularly. To experience reflexology for yourself or find out more visit

My advice when it comes to relaxation, if at first you don’t relax..try..try and try again.’

Orlagh Gahan is a qualified Counsellor & Complementary Health Therapist. She holds a Diploma in Holistic Healing Massage, Dip. in Reflexology, Dip. Indian Head Massage and a B.Sc in Counselling. She provides reflexology for health, relaxation, pregnancy and fertility. You can book a treatment with Orlagh at the Naas Holistic Centre, 25 North Main Street, Naas, Kildare, Ireland. Find out more at or facebook/TherapyForWellness

Orlagh Gahan is a an accredited Psychotherapist, Sex and Relationship Counsellor, Addiction Counsellor & Complementary Health Therapist in private practice and online in Co. Kildare, Ireland. She specialises in well-being, sex & relationships, fertility & infertility, pregnancy and recovery from addiction and illness. Book online for Face to Face Therapy and Online Consultations worldwide via DOXY.ME! Check out

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