Pregnancy Therapies

Complementary health therapies can be wonderful during and after pregnancy and are often a welcome relief from many pregnancy symptoms and the life changes which come with pregnancy. Specialist pregnancy therapies which require additional professional training, are particularly beneficial in the third trimester and post pregnancy.  Both massage therapy and reflexology are recommended by midwives and antenatal experts in Ireland. They have a positive natural therapeutic effect on the expectant mother physically, mentally and emotionally.

Pregnancy reflexology is the most popular & beneficial therapy during pregnancy as it promotes a deep relaxation and can help to relieve many pregnancy symptoms. It is also the most comfortable therapy to receive, focusing on the legs and feet and requires little preparation or movement.”

Pregnancy is a significant life event and a time to celebrate and feel nurtured and cared for by others. As a pregnancy therapist and a mother of two small children myself, I understand how important self-care and relaxation is during the various stages of pregnancy.  Self-care is hugely important for both mother and her baby during pregnancy. Complementary health therapies like massage therapy and pregnancy reflexology each have their own unique benefits and the right one for you simply depends on your particular preference. Pregnancy may also be a time of anxiety and mixed emotions particularly if there are pregnancy compilations or relationship upset. Counselling can also help during and after pregnancy and is beneficial in helping mothers to feel supported and cope better with stress, emotional, situational or hormonal problems. Counselling can help new mothers who are experiencing symptoms of post-natal depression or who are having difficulty adjusting to this new stage in their life.

Pregnancy reflexology requires a short consultation during the first session. If you are experiencing any complications during your pregnancy or are having a high risk pregnancy it may not be advisable to receive any treatments, please speak with your medical consultant first. It is recommended that you wait until approx 12 weeks into your pregnancy before you receive any treatments.

Antenatal and Postnatal Therapies;

Orlagh provides 70 minute appointments for all her pregnancy and post-pregnancy clients.  I believe it is important to provide women with extra time during these sessions to allow for consultation, support and rest time. I also combine relaxation techniques, visualizations and affirmations at the start of sessions if the client is preparing from labour.

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