Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage is a specialist type of massage therapy adapted to suit the pregnant mother during each stage of her pregnancy. The main focus of therapy is to sooth mother and baby using various relaxing therapeutic massage techniques which are slow and gentle by nature. It is a nurturing and relaxing therapy which can help the mother to cope with the physical and emotional changes which are constantly taking place. Massage works on the muscular, skeletal and nervous systems and has many health benefits both physically and emotionally particularly in the third trimester. Pregnancy can be demanding on the mother, as the body changes and adapts to facilitate the growing baby. Massage can help to ease many pregnancy symptoms such as muscle pain and tired legs, while also promoting a strong sense of relaxation.

Pregnancy massage is soothing positive experience and provides a safe relaxing space for pregnant mothers to switch off from the outside world and connect with herself and her baby.”

Pregnancy massage is recommended by midwives and ante natal experts throughout pregnancy and in preparation the labor process in Ireland. Massage can help reduce discomfort and stress during contractions. Research tell us that the more relaxed and mentally prepared we are for birth, the more positive the overall experience with less complications. Pregnancy reflexology is the most popular complementary health therapy during pregnancy as it requires minimal fuss and is very therapeutic.


The Benefits of Pregnancy Massage Therapy

  • The immune system is enhanced, decreases stress hormones and corticosteroids.
  • Helps muscular and skeletal problems.
  • Improves lymphatic circulation which assists the removal of toxins and waste.
  • Can help to improve posture during pregnancy and releases aches and pains.
  • The production of hormones in positively influenced by massage during pregnancy.
  • Increased sense of wellbeing.
  • Physical and emotional nurturing during pregnancy.
  • Eases many pregnancy symptoms.
  • Can help the recovery process post pregnancy in the months after birth.
  • A safe space to relax and let go and connect with your body and baby.
  • Provides emotional support and reassurance.

What Happens During a Treatment?

Pregnancy massage is a specialist massage treatment which means that each session is tailored to the individual pregnant mother. During treatments, the client is supported in a comfortable side lying position on a warm plinth using various pillows to supports the baby and body or she may be tilted on an elevated plinth supported by pillows. As treatments are tailored to you, you can decide what variation of massage you would like on the day, for example, half body massage, full body, neck, back, tummy and shoulders, legs and feet massage or an advanced remedial massage which is for focusing on specific problem areas. No essential oils, vigorous massage techniques or deep pressure is used on the body during maternity massage. Treatments can be for relaxation, problem areas, labour preparation and post pregnancy.

Pregnancy Massage Therapy:

Relaxing Pregnancy Massage – 60 Minutes

Advanced Pregnancy Massage – A remedial massage for pain & problem areas. 60 Minutes 

Pregnancy Massage with Foot Reflexology – 60 Minutes & 90 Minutes  

Pregnancy Reflexology – Massage of the Legs & Feet – 60 Minutes 

Post Pregnancy Massage – A relaxing deep tissue full body massage therapy – 60 Minutes

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Orlagh is fully trained in Massage Therapy, Pregnancy Massage Therapy, Advanced Pregnancy Massage for problems areas during pregnancy and Pregnancy Reflexology.

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