Addiction & Twelve Step Support Groups in Ireland

Addiction & Twelve Step Support Groups in Ireland
Everyday in Ireland there are support groups and Twelve Step Anonymous support groups for individuals and family members effected or impacted by addiction and problematic behaviours. These are often open or closed meetings and can be attended daily. Unlike many mental health services in Ireland, there is no waiting list or requirements to attend these daily meetings, simply a desire to seek out support from others who understand what you or your loved ones are going through.
Resources & Support Groups in Ireland

Addiction Counsellors of Ireland |
Alcohol Action Ireland |
Alcohol Help |
Alcoholics Anonymous |
Al-Anon & Alateen Ireland | Support for families of alcoholics |
Anon & Alateen Ireland | Support for families and friends of alcoholics |
Cocaine Anonymous Ireland |
Co-dependents Anonymous Ireland |
Drink Aware |
Drugs | Drug & Alcohol Information & Support |
Food Addicts Anonymous |
Gamble Aware |
Gamblers Anonymous Ireland |
Gam-Anon UK & Ireland |
Irish Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy |
LifeRing – Sobriety from Alcohol & Substances |
Narcotics Anonymous |
Overeaters Anonymous |
The Centre for Sexual Addictions |
Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous |
Sexaholics Anonymous | SA Ireland |
S-Anon | Support for partners of Sexaholics |

Residential Addiction Treatments Centres in Ireland

The Rutland Centre |
Aiseiri |
Cuan Mhuire |
Smarmore Castle Private Rehabilitation Clinic |

Find out more about private one to one addiction counselling in Kildare at

Sex & Pornography Addiction | Free UK Self Help Recovery Resource

The Kick Start Recovery Programme has been created by Paula Hall in the UK to offer the many thousands of people who struggle with sex addiction and pornography addiction with a reliable and tested self help solution. For some it will be a useful information resource and source of education and self assessment regarding sexual addiction while for others hopefully it will kick start a personal journey of long term recovery which may include ongoing support such as personal counselling or therapy and 12 step support groups. To download this valuable and highly recommended free 21 page Kick Start Recovery Resource visit

To get professional Counselling for Sexual Addiction and Pornography addiction in Kildare or online via SKYPE you can book online or visit

15 Ways to Get Help for Sex & Pornography Addiction

15 Ways to Get Help for Sex & Pornography Addiction
There are a number of ways in which you can get help and support for problematic sexual behaviour and potential sexual addiction or indeed any type of addiction. Don’t put off reaching out to someone and feeling isolated any longer. It may feel daunting and confusing or you might be in the middle of a crisis and don’t know where to turn, so here are a few tips to get you started in the right direction.

Consider this simple thought, each moment that passes is an opportunity that you can take control and make a small or possibly huge change in your life. It’s never to late to pause, take stock and bring about positive and healthy changes to your lifestyle. Here are 15 simple straight forward suggestions to help you take the right steps forward. In the words of Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous, you are not alone.

  1. Start Today | Take control, make conscious decisions and follow through with actions to get the help you need. Write a list of the bad habits and behaviours that are taking over your life , the effect they are having on you or your family and finally what you have tried to do to stop.
  2. Talk | Try talking to your partner, family or close friends about your feelings, emotions and concerns. It’s possible they are concerned about you already and want to help you.
  3. Counselling | Contact a qualified Counsellor or Psychotherapist in your area and speak to someone in confidence. You can visit to easily find a therapist in your area or visit for more information on sexual addiction in Ireland. A 60 minute counselling appointment can help you find direction and deal with emotional distress.
  4. Visit your GP | Speak to your GP about any problems you may be experiencing. Your GP may refer you on to a mental health professional such as a psychologist or psychotherapist or an addiction recovery center.  While this may be an uncomfortable conversation for you in the short term it will be very beneficial long term.
  5. Educate Yourself | Find out more about the causes, symptoms and the behaviour you are struggling to manage and what possible interventions and support might work.
  6. Read | There are endless websites online dedicated to mental health issues, behavioural addictions, sexual addiction, emotional health and lifestyle advice. We have included a list of resources and reading material on our Resources page at which you might find useful for sexual recovery.
  7. Healthcare Providers |Speak to your private health care provider to find out if your policy covers you for personal counselling or any treatment support centres around Ireland.
  8. Employee Assistance Programmes | Many companies and organisations in Ireland provide an EAP service to their staff in which employees can avail of short term counselling, find out from your HR department if this is available. Your EAP will provide you with an assessment and refer you onto a local counsellor.
  9. Group Support | There are a number of regional 12 Step Support  Groups similar to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) around Ireland daily providing group support for people who have experienced what you are going through. Before you rule these out, give them a chance and try them out. Contact Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous or Sexaholics Anonymous who both provide daily group support meeting all around Ireland.
  10. Addiction Treatment Center | Contact your local addiction recovery center and find out if they provide any support services which may be relevant to you. Many provide treatment for gambling, food addiction, behavioural addiction, sex, substance and alcohol dependencies. They may offer residential treatment recovery programs or out-patient treatment support programs.  You can find more information about services in your area by visiting
  11. Local Support Groups | Many community centres and local organisations provide a free or low cost counselling service. Sometimes you may need to register to go on a waiting list. Go on line and found out what’s available in your local community or visit your local community center or town hall.
  12. Religious Organisations |If you are part of a religious congregation, very often there is a local priest, pastor, spiritual advisor or counsellor available to provide a comforting ear and support during your times of need. Many people can find support within their congregation and through their faith.
  13. Stay Committed | Try, try and keep on trying! Remember you are working towards a happier and healthier lifestyle. By staying focused on changing your overall perspective on life, you are committing to what you can control, not on what you have to give up. If you have been consistently unable to give up a behaviour on your own then stop trying alone and seek professional help.
  14. Reconnect | Many sex  and pornography addicts isolate themselves over time and often shame and secrecy become a primary concern. Reconnecting with friends, partners and loved ones can help addicts to reconnect with themselves through the support, friendship and presence of others.
  15. Get Off Line | Re-engage with the real world by disconnecting from platforms that may lead you to act out sexually. For many addicts this process begins online in the search for sexually explicit material used to fuel sexual fantasy and arousal such as the viewing of pornography, escort sites, social media or adult websites. Sex and porn addicts often suggest in therapy that sex is everywhere but this is not true. It is however instantly widely available on the internet and it is the internet that is now everywhere.


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