Promoting Wellness – Positive Coping Techniques for Everyday Stress

Promoting Wellness – Positive Coping Techniques for Everyday Stress

Wellness is defined as feeling comfortable, happy and healthy. A state of being which most of us would like to achieve in our everyday life without having to think to much about it. But everyday life can be hectic and often we don’t get a moment to stop and take stock until the weekend or a break away. Burnout can happen as a result of long-term physical, mental or emotional stress which is not managed well.

The healthier you feel in your mind and body the better you are able to cope with all the symptoms of stress and a busy lifestyle.

In fact, the more positive you feel, the more motivated you will be to focus on your health and improving your overall quality of life. It is important to be proactive and be able to identify and manage stress in a healthy way that’s best for you.

Here are some simple positive coping techniques for everyday wellness which can also help anyone who is recovering from stress, anxiety and burnout or feeling overwhelmed.

  • Practice 2 minute grounding exercise during times of stress by focusing on your breathing and senses, what you can feel, hear, smell and touch.
  • Practice mindfulness by focusing on the present day and what you can control.
  • Embrace self-care by resting, relaxing, looking after your self, having fun and laughing.
  • Love your body and enjoy taking care of yourself.
  • Exercise regularly to feel good, release endorphins and burn off adrenaline.
  • Stop catastrophic thinking and ruminating about worst case scenarios.
  • Identify your negative though processes and focus on shifting to positive thoughts.
  • Stop being critical of yourself and others and focus on strengths.
  • Get plenty of undisturbed sleep approx. 6 to 8 hours to help the body heal.
  • Avoid negative influences which are unnecessary such as news, dramatic TV shows etc.
  • Practice positive self-talk and affirmations.
  • Find ways to feel inspired and empowered through reading, audio-books, groups, talks, music, workshops, hobbies, events.
  • Short breathing exercises through the day during times of stress can help improve mental clarity, oxygenate the body and relax muscles through the body.
  • Learn to say ‘NO‘ to others or ‘Can I come back to you on that?‘ when you have had time to think and start putting yourself first.
  • Ask for support and help from others and learn to accept help when offered.
  • Talk to your partner, family and friends about the things that bother you.
  • Surround yourself with positive loving people.
  • Let go of trying to control others or wasting energy on what they may be thinking or feeling.
  • Treat yourself from time to time, you are worth it.
  • Use commuting as an opportunity to rest, listening to audio-book, podcasts you enjoy or reading a book.
  • Leave work at work and stick to clear working hours.
  • Turn off work related phones, emails and devices early in the evening so it does not infringe on home life and valuable relationships.
  • Write lists of things that are on your mind or that you need to get done.
  • Let yourself feel what ever you are feeling rather than trying to suppress emotions, uncomfortable feelings will pass.
  • Most importantly find ways to cope which work for you.


Kildare Times – Mental Health & Well-being in Every Day Life

In this weeks edition of the Kildare Times Your Health section, Tuesday 23rd June 2015, you will find my article on mental health Well-being in Every Day Life.


Mental health refers to your overall psychological well-being. There has been great emphasis on promoting positive mental health in Ireland in recent times and what a wonderful and liberating society for young people to grow up in where mental health promotion is alive and consistent.

Well-being is a state of feeling comfortable, happy and healthy.

Let’s focus on the meaning of the word well-being for a mindful minute. Well-being is a state of feeling comfortable, happy and healthy. In my mind, this is a simple concept which is easy to connect with on a daily basis. Ask yourself, how am I feeling today and what can I do to feel more comfortable, happy and healthy? Life can be hectic and complicated so keeping your well-being simple, achievable and enjoyable future proofs your long-term capacity to flourish. Learn to connect and really listen to yourself. Too often we ignore our own basic needs and emotions and disown what we are feeling or block them out altogether. We are each wonderfully different so get to know yourself, try new things and discover what works for you. Off course there are often situations which are out of your control, thread softly and gently turn your focus towards what is within your control.

There are simple basics which help promote well-being in daily life such as;

· Eating healthy

· Exercising daily

· Consistent quality sleep

· Drinking water

· Avoiding stimulants

· Reducing or removing cigarettes and alcohol consumption

· Learn to relax

It’s ok not to feel ok and it’s also ok not to know all the answers, so get to know yourself and share what you are experiencing. Reach out, talk, connect and learn how to feel comfortable, happy and healthy in your own way.


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